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Everything you need to know about the BIOSIGNATURE METHOD

How to balance your hormones to achieve your optimal body!


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September 10, 2016 0 comments

By Tony Calabro – Head Coach

This article was originally published in Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine – Australia in 2012.  Biosignature Modulation is often now referred to as BioPrint.  The founder Charles has renamed the method and it has since developed further, however, the fundamentals remain the same.  I hope you enjoy the (original) interview!

Q. Biosignature modulation seems to refute the idea that spot reduction is a myth… Is this the case?

Yes it’s actually better than liposuction because it can be permanently managed. Provided you make the necessary lifestyle changes whereas liposuction may not be. For example I have girls get liposuction on their legs but they see me because the fat keeps coming back because they have not addressed the reason why fat accumulated on their hamstrings in the first place.
There is a lot of data proving where you deposit fat and the hormone relationship.
For example abdominal fat and the hormone cortisol.
I challenge people to go to PUBMED (an online medical resource) and bring up all the medical journals which show the relationship. For example type in the words “ cortisol, abdominal, human, PubMed ” into Google and there are literally 1000’s of medical peer review journals showing the relationship exists. So a logical extension of this is that the relationship extends to other body parts.
Charles Poliquin is one of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world. He has designed workouts for  Olympic medalist in 17 different sports,  world record holders in 10 different sports, and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and UK Premier League. He has lectured or consulted for a variety of high-profile organizations such as the US Secret Service, Walt Disney Corporation and the World Swimming Congress. He is the inventor of the BioSignature (now BioPrint) Modulation Method which has ascertained the relationship between body fat stores and hormonal profiles, and the methodology to improve site specific body composition and was in the unique position that he had comprehensive blood work of 1000’s of athletes while concurrently measuring their body fat and it was one of the tools he used to get superior performance and body composition results which helped his athletes succeed in their sport. I have been trained by Charles Poliquin and this system can be applied to the general population, physique athletes, weekend warriors etc.

Q. Does the program offer a way to spot reduce those troublesome areas?

Yes. BioSignature assesses your hormonal profile through a 12 site skinfold test.  From there we can find out the main factor holding back a client’s body composition or athletic goals using the right combination of lifestyle and individualised supplementation and nutrition. In fact the main point of BioSignature is to individualise nutrition, supplementation and even training to an extent to end client confusion. They should see results on a weekly basis provided they are healthy.

Q. Are the skin fold measurements always an accurate indicator of hormone levels?

Clinically I have found they are very accurate for the majority of people. The BioSignature profile gives a prioritised order of hormonal imbalances that we can work on to accelerate fat loss and improve overall health.  In some cases we test further according to the priority.  For example if the thyroid is a priority we will always do further blood levels to assess function and look for auto immune problems.  Often uncovering underlying illnesses that a doctor has overlooked.  We refer out to functional medicine doctors if medication is needed.
It takes 2000 subjects of experience to become proficient in taking skinfolds properly and in order to re-certify in the Poliquin BioSignature program you must relearn skinfolds to the satisfaction of the course instructors otherwise you cannot re-certify. The ratios of the folds are the most important to a BioSignature Practitioner. We use propriety software which translates the folds into a certain hierarchy outlining the hormone(s) that are holding the client back from their individual goals.
I must also mention that I do not only rely on skinfolds, it’s just one tool to assess a client which saves them $1000’s of dollars in functional medicine testing. We also use blood work to check for nutritional deficiencies, thyroid, gut and liver function, food intolerances and heavy metal toxicity.
The main message is that there is more involved in body composition than just how many calories you consume. The 3 main sources of fat gain are stress, malnutrition and toxins. The skinfolds help me narrow down what to focus on and reveal what is holding them back from achieving their goals.

Q. Who is the program suitable for?

The program is suitable for anyone who wants to optimise their body composition whether it is fat loss or lean muscle gains. In that regard I have seen people as young as 20yrs old through to people in their 50’s some for aesthetic reasons, others for better health and vitality. Athletes also see me because they wish to have optimal testosterone and growth hormone or improve their body composition for optimal performance in their chosen sport. My business partner is a naturopath and she uses Biosignature purely for health improvements and women’s’ hormonal balance, seeing female clients who are between 18 and 84!

Q. Are your clients predominantly “average” people wanting to lose weight? Or athletes? Men or women?

Predominately my clients are female that want to not only lose weight but improve their body shape. The focus is not on losing weight as I explain to them that the scale is a poor measure of whether you are losing fat or gaining muscle. For example they could be losing bodyfat at the same rate they are gaining muscle, if a client gains 5kgs of muscle and loses 5kgs of fat the scale is the same but her dress size and body shape is completely different. If you focus solely on the scale sure your weight may go down but if you’re a pear or an apple shape you just become a smaller pear or apple. I have had females with ripped upper bodies but south of the belly button it’s like a different person!

Q. What is the duration of the program? 

For the majority of people it’s a 12 week course. The first consultation is the longest as I need to assess where people are at in terms of training, nutrition and supplementation, after that I see them every 1-3 weeks. The investment varies based on client needs.

I like to offer an initial 15 minute complimentary assessment so people can make a more informed decision if this is right for them. Contact me at for more information about personal training or BioSignature packages.

The BioSignature 12 week Program includes:
1)      12 weeks of Poliquin training programs based on individual goals
2)      Individualised nutrition
3)      Individualised supplementation
4)      Blood Work and Functional medicine testing analysis as required
5)      12 weeks email support
6)      Regular Progress Report
7)      Regular Photo progress
8)      12 weekly measurements (this can be modified based on individual circumstances)
a) 1st consultation approximately 1.5hrs (very detailed analysis of level of knowledge, current health and finding out what needs to be addressed first for fastest results and ongoing progress) this is to set up your 12 weeks
b) then 20-30 minutes every week thereafter to track, educate and modify program
Q. Can you give me an example to use in the story targeting one trouble spot. Say a woman came to you with excess fat on her lower back – love handles – what would you prescribe?  

The love handles or Suprailliac crest is an indicator how you are reacting to the amount and type of carbohydrates in your diet. They aren’t called muffin tops for nothing. Typically if you eat a lot of sugar or its cousins refined carbohydrates such as bread or pasta etc. this is the site which goes up first.
Usually the culprit is too many Neo carbs or man-made carbs and the client needs to focus on Paleo carbs which are carbohydrates the caveman had access too. For example did a caveman have access to bread? NO. Did a caveman have access to berries? YES. It very simple and there is no need for a large philosophical debate.

Q. Which hormone is out of balance?

Insulin and Cortisol

Q. What foods should she avoid/consume?

Low Glycaemic and Low Glycaemic Load foods are warranted here and more protein as a general rule. People avoid saturated fat like the plague but its sugar and its cousins they should watch out for! More specifically what needs to be assessed is the clients tolerance to carbohydrates in general. There are generally 3 types of categories of people.  Those who do well on predominately protein + fat, those who do well on protein+ carb and those who do well on a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fats.

Q. How do we determine which is best for you?

Well through a combination of the BioSignature skinfolds and blood work I can recommend a ratio that is most suitable but because I am measuring regularly I can adjust the eating weekly until it is optimal. Taking into consideration the type and timing of foods.

Q. Which supplements should they take?

Natural supplements which would help with insulin sensitivity or your ability to handle carbohydrates better are the Magnesium, the herb Fenugreek, Corosolic acid, Cinnamon, Gymnema and Alpha lipoic acid.

Q. Exercise?

Contrary to popular belief cardio is not optimal, 2 sessions per week of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been shown through research to be superior and actually increases your insulin sensitivity and would reduce your love handles along with lactic acid weight training using moderate repetition ranges 8-12 with short rest intervals 30-45 secs for example 4 times per week for 45 mins. Actually weight training done correctly increases lean muscle mass which increases the number and function of insulin receptor sites making you more insulin sensitive.
For every pound or ½ a kg of muscle you build you increase your caloric output by 50 calories even at rest 24/7. Traditional endurance based cardio is counter productive as it can decrease LBM. I see these cardio bunnies doing an hour of cardio or more a day still struggling to get lean legs. Most of my clients are busy and are looking for the most efficient and results based methods. You only need 45 minutes 4 days per week to achieve most goals.
I have an obese client who saw several personal trainers/nutritionists in the past and they always made him do traditional steady state cardio and low calories which is great for the first 6 to 8 weeks to establish fitness but after that the body adapts and you have to make it gradually harder. Instead we did lactic acid training, intervals and focus on protein and food choices he lost 20kgs while eating more food without starving himself or resorting to fad exercise schemes.

Q. Why should people choose to use this system?  

This is an Individualized Program.  One size does not fit all! This program will allow you to lose body fat and increase lean muscle in a way that can be maintained as a lifestyle.   It will improve ALL your health parameters AT THE SAME TIME as losing fat.  It can often resolve those annoying health issues like fatigue, bloated tummies, trouble sleeping and PMT.

Q. What are its best features?

Individualisation of nutrition and supplementation that ends confusion, increase in energy, better sleep, lifestyle approach, no starvation diets or calorie counting, results on stubborn fat deposits and teaches people how to achieve lifelong leanness and health not a quick fix.

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5 Smarter Ways to Get Lean Faster

The Critical Steps My Clients Use To Get Lean And Stay Lean.

Yes, 100% FREE!
100% Privacy Guaranteed, we promise!