I need a trainer!

Beauty in strength


At Signature Strength and Health we understand that women are different to men when it comes to exercise and metabolism.  We use a specialized system to get you the results you want and we INDIVIDUALIZE the training program to your hormonal profile and your current capabilities.  Our trainers help you improve at EVERY session, tracking your progress on your lifts and even your muscle to body fat ratios as the weeks progress.  Hey, if your current trainer isn’t writing all your lifts down, how on earth can you improve on anything that isn’t tracked?

Well at SSH, we’ve got your back!

You’ll see our trainers have a carefully customized strength and conditioning program designed for you at EVERY session.  It’s not just for show, we actually use these records to progress you every week.  We love what we do, and we love to help you get the results you want, as quickly as possible whilst improving your health and mood.

Signature Strength and Health are the perfect training partner for you IF:

  • You are looking for a professional, results based personal trainer.
  • You are currently putting in lots of effort but not getting the results.
  • You are looking for a trainer that understands women’s unique hormonal issues and the changes in metabolism that can occur.
  • You are trapped in the yo-yo dieting syndrome.  Always trying some sort of new diet, having a little success but then going back to old habits and putting on more body fat than before.
  • You are sick of counting calories.
  • You have tried all the generic programs with little success and don’t know where to turn.
  • You have stubborn body parts where the fat is just hard to budge.
  • You want a lean, toned body, that is also healthy and full of vibrant energy.
  • You want a trainer who is prepared to commit to your health and fitness journey and knows how to progress you to get you the RESULTS you want.