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5 Smarter Ways to Get Lean Faster

The Critical Steps My Clients Use To Get Lean And Stay Lean.

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Want to get into shape but don’t want to be trained by an Instagram, self absorbed personal trainer?  Are you looking for a QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED personal trainer to push you and progress your exercise so you achieve the results you want?  A trainer who can not only get you LEAN and STRONG but take into consideration your MOBILITY and STRESS issues?

At SSH we have trainers who can individualize your nutrition, individualize your training and even perform blood work analysis to find nutrient deficiencies or issues holding you back from achieving your goals.  Things like low testosterone, liver and gut issues and chronic inflammation can be obstacles to getting the lean and muscular body you are working so hard for.

SSH trainers understand what it’s like to be working crazy hard whilst trying to achieve your best physical condition.  That’s why we assess the whole person.  No point absolutely flogging someone in the gym who has barely been sleeping because of great work stress!  We can help you work around those lifestyle issues while still achieving amazing results.

Our highly qualified coaches have a PROVEN track record of results.  Just visit our testimonials page to see the phenomenal our clients.  The results speak for themselves!