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Biosignature is a method used by the personal trainers at Signature Strength and Health Melbourne to help improve your body composition. Biosignature can help you lose body fat and/or gain muscle faster and smarter by identifying the relationship between where you store body fat and your hormonal imbalances.

Originally patented by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, Biosignature has rapidly become one of the most advanced tools to accelerate fat loss and improve body composition in clients while achieving optimal health and hormone balance. The Biosignature Method assists our trainers to use lifestyle intervention, specific supplements and tailored training techniques to achieve the best results for you, based on your individual profile.

Charles Poliquin has gathered over 35 years of scientific data, including clinical results from working with his own world champion athletes, to create a system that reads how your hormonal imbalances drive fat storage to specific areas. He then helped formulate protocols to balance the endocrine system and achieve faster results, whether you want to lose body fat, gain muscle or both.

This area of functional health is always developing and our Melbourne based personal trainers are constantly keeping up to date with new information in order to keep you achieving your goals.

What is involved in a Biosignature Assessment?

A Signature Strength and Health Advanced Coach will meet with you for your initial assessment at Melbourne Central Fitness First, gathering a full health history and any other relevant information. Sometimes the clues in your history can give supportive evidence of what is going on in your Biosignature numbers. The coach will then measure 14 different sites on the body, using skin fold calipers. These calipers measure the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous body fat located at that site. After doing this and assessing your weight and height the coach will be able to use the Biosignature software to analyze this data and give you feedback in relation to your body fat percentage, percentage of lean muscle tissue and an overall look at specific hormone patterns that may be holding you back from your goal.

Your coach may also look at specific blood markers via blood testing. All this biological information about your health helps us to put together an individualized program for you to achieve optimal heath and achieve your body composition goals faster.

After a short period (normally 2 – 3 weeks) of applying your new training plan, nutrition and supplementation your coach will then reassess the skin folds and Biosignature and adjust the plan as need be to keep achieving results as your body changes. We are one of the only personal training companies in Melbourne that will REGULARLY REASSESS our clients as part of their training packages. Regular assessments are CRUCIAL for you to keep achieving results smarter and faster.

Signature Strength and Health Head CoachTony Calabro was in one of the first group of Australians trained in this method and has been practicing it since it’s inception in Australia, constantly developing his skills in real life by applying it to his clients and attending the latest seminars. Experience with this method is crucial as it relies on accuracy of taking skin folds and an in depth understanding of advanced nutrition and biochemistry. Tony Calabro, as head coach, will ensure you receive the most individualized approach to your training and nutrition. Not everyone is the same and at Signature Strength and Health Melbourne we provide a true individual approach to your training and nutrition, using Biosignature as just one of the many tools.

Here is a great article by Charles Poliquin outlining the BioSignature Method:

BioSignature Modulation

By Charles Poliquin – World Renowned Strength Coach and Founder of the BioSignature Program

Spot reduction is a myth, right? Sure, there are endless articles in fitness magazines about how to target and tone specific muscles, but no personal trainer worth their certification certificate will promise they can help you take off fat from specific areas. Reduce your body fat by three percent, no problem. But get rid of that annoying cellulite on the back of your thighs or that little pouch on your lower belly – and nothing else – well, that’s just not possible. Or is it?
The promise of spot reduction is an obsession that many in our culture just won’t abandon. How many pills, creams and celebrity-endorsed gadgets have people tried that were supposed to develop ripped abs or to slenderize the thighs? And even though those tight corsets of the Victorian era that caused women to pass out due to lack of oxygen are a long-dead fashion trend, today there are special pants and girdles that give the illusion that the troublesome fat is gone. Every trainer constantly warns their clients to stay clear from such nonsense. However, the advancements in exercise endocrinology may give personal trainers and health professionals new tools for combating site specific fat storage. The system is called Biosignature Modulation.
Biosignature Modulation is a scientific approach to spot reduction that I have developed over 20 years of performing blood, urine and saliva tests while working with world record holders, professional athletes in all the major sports, and Olympic medalists in sixteen different events. My entire professional life has been devoted to finding ways to improve athletic performance among the elite, and along the way I have found innovative and amazingly effective ways to help the non-athletic population in the area of fat loss.
Based on my testing, the reason so many people have stubborn problems areas is due to imbalances in their body biochemistry, especially with hormones. Doubt the power of hormones? Just look at what steroids have done to so many athletes, turning men into supermen and women into superwomen (and sometimes into supermen – unfortunately these drugs do have side effects). And just as steroid hormones can build muscle, other hormones can cause unwanted fat stores in your back, legs, hips and – well, you get the idea.
Here’s how Biosignature Modulation works. There are 12 major body fat sites (this has now been updated to 14 sites) that can be quickly and accurately tested by a pair of quality skin calipers and a qualified technician. These sites include the cheek, chin, pectoral region, triceps, umbilical, supra iliac, subscapular, mid axillary, quadriceps, hamstrings, knee and calf. Although there are many other methods to test body fat, such as underwater weighing and electrical impedance, I believe that body fat testing with skin calipers is the best method to be used for Biosignature Modulation because it can determine precisely the amount of fat in each of the major fat-testing sites were other testing methods only tell you your percent body fat.
Measurements from each site are then compared to the triceps reading and this identifies which areas of the body have excessive levels of fat relative to the other 11 body fat sites. Some people may have excessive fat in just one area, while others may have several problem areas. Most clients will already have a good idea of what their problem areas are and an experienced practitioner in Biosignature Modulation can often make an accurate visual determination of the problem, but the calipers are quick, easy and reliable.

Hormones BioSignature Looks At :

Hormone: Cortisol
Skin Fold Site: Umbilical
Imbalance = Excessive fat gain in belly region, disrupted sleep pattern

Hormone: Insulin
Skin Fold Site: Suprailliac, Subscrapular
Imbalance = Excessive fat gain in love handles and on the upper back

Hormone: Oestrogen
Skin Fold Site: Quadriceps, Hamstrings
Imbalance = Excessive fat gain in hips and legs

Hormone: Testosterone
Skin Fold Site: Pectoral, Tricep
Imbalance = Androgen imbalance, accumulated fat in chest area for men

Hormone: Growth Hormone
Skin Fold Site: Knee, Calf
Imbalance = Reflects sleep patterns and overall fat loss

Hormone: Thyroid (non specific)
Skin Fold Site: Mid-auxillary, accumulated fat 8 inches below armpit.
Imbalance = Disturbance in function of thyroid (to be investigated further).

Biosignature Method can also help identify systemic inflammation.
Once the Biosignature sites are analyzed, the next step is to set out a specific protocol of diet, exercise and supplementation to resolve the problem. Let’s say that after being tested, it’s discovered that there is an excessive amount of fat on the lower thighs (again, relative to the other major fat sites). This indicates that there is a problem with the estrogen levels. If the problem area is the triceps, the issue is with the androgen levels. If the problem area is the shoulder blades or hip, the problem is with your insulin levels.
After determining the cause of the fat, the next step is to make appropriate modifications in your diet and exercise prescription. For the subscapular -shoulder blade- and suprailliac -hip-, controlling the blood sugar levels of the body with more frequent meals, reduced daily carbohydrate and low GI food choices is critical. For lower abdominal fat, the key is reducing cortisol levels by restricting the consumption of caffeine and sugar. For the glutes, it’s important to detoxify estrogen levels by consuming vegetables such as broccoli that have biochemicals that accomplish this important task. Many of these dietary recommendations overlap, none of them involve any method harmful to the body, and in fact, all of them will improve the overall quality of life.
The next step is supplementation. For the fat on the back of your arms, herbal products such as licorice root, ginseng (which is most effective when taken 45 minutes before a meal), and rhodiola rosea might be prescribed. For the fat stored around the lower back, a supplement of guggul, coleus root and bladderwrack algae could be recommended; as it contains iodine which will strengthen the thyroid gland. For the fat stored around the shoulder blades and hips, corosolic acid, alpha lipoic acid and fish oils may be prescribed to control insulin. For fat storage on the thighs, indole-3-carbinol may be recommended. Taking a multivitamin/mineral pill usually doesn’t cause any harm, but it’s doubtful that any one product will have the precise quantities of nutrients needed to correct a specific problem, especially with those fat-storage problems involving hormone imbalances.
The final step is determining an appropriate exercise regimen. For example, for those with lower-body fat, spinning will likely do more harm than good. Spinning will increase the storage of intramuscular and subcutaneous fat in the hip and thigh areas to provide a more readily available source of fuel for the muscles. Instead, a weight training protocol of high reps (10-15) and short rest intervals (about 30 seconds between sets) would be a much more effective choice.
The Biosignature Modulation program will always be in a constant state of growth as new and better research is constantly being published which improves the system. But now, for the first time, personal trainers can effectively combat site specific areas of fat storage using a simple 12-point skinfold test, dietary changes, supplementation and exercise based on their individual biochemistry. The result is improved performance in ALL areas of your life – physical, mental and intellectual. By following your personal plan, you will emerge leaner, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic.

Here is what the experts say about BioSignature:
“BioSignature is one of the most advanced noninvasive methods available to rapidly and accurately identify insulin resistance and cardiovascular risks. This allows for onsite effective medical treatment decisions.”
Dr. Mark Houston MD,MS,FACP,FAHA Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Director, Hypertension Institute, Saint Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee
“BioSignature is a revolutionary tool for the clinician who wants to individualize metabolic healing by designing protocols that have the greatest success.”
Dr. Suzanne Mack, M.D., North Texas Institute of Functional Medicine.
“BioSignature offers a rapid assessment tool of one’s hormonal health to individualize and monitor the patient’s protocols to achieve optimal metabolic health. It combines the best of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western medical systems has to offer to the patient.”
Dr. Abbas Qutab, M.D., D.C., N.D., D. Ac.


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