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Reece Schleicher

WFF Pro Sports Model Universe Contest, France

RESULTS: 7 Weeks – 11.6% to 5.5%

(while putting on 4kgs of muscle).

Most people say it’s impossible without drugs. This was 100% drug free using BioPrint as a guide.  A crucial part of Reece’s progress was knowing when to manipulate food at the right time (based on regular BioPrint skinfolds).

Reece came 2nd in the WFF Pro Universe Sports Model Competition.


Justin Langford

INBA Hero’s Classic (2nd Overall)

RESULTS: 7 weeks – 14.5% to 6.5%

When you focus on optimizing the metabolism as a whole instead of focusing on just calories or exercise expenditure this is what can happen.

It shouldn’t be possible according to the evidence based nutrition people or IIFYM’s people or the Intermittent People or whatever social media BS people tell you. What they are really saying is they haven’t done it, they haven’t produced results. They have to manipulate science to bamboozle you with big words.  You can’t gain 11.4lbs / 5.2kgs of muscle while dropping 14.9lbs / 6.8kgs of fat in 6 weeks. Or can you?

Well, Justin and his Coach Tony are here to prove it can be done!  A scientific approach with weekly feedback through the BioPrint Method enabled the impossible to be possible!  Justin was super dedicated to his progress.  Credit goes to him and Signature Strength’s well thought plan.

Justin Langford won his class and came 2nd overall in his 1st show the INBA Silent Hero’s Classic.


Lina Konstantinidis

Amanda Doherty IFBB All Female Classic  – Bikini Novice 3rd Place

RESULTS: 9 weeks – 13.5% to 7.4%

Lina came to me because, like most female competitors, she couldn’t lean out her legs and was already on a super low carb diet.

First we increased her carbs and she leaned out faster. This was based on her BioPrint analysis indicating she needed more quality carbohydrates.

Second came Program design. Lina only had 9 weeks to go so she trained with weights twice per day in some phases and dropped her cardio from 6-7 days per week to 3-4 HIIT sessions instead.
When she trained twice per day she did no cardio!

Third, we worked on her fatigue. She was extremely tired being personal trainer all day and night, training herself, prepping meals etc. So we fixed her sleep/adrenals with nutraceuticals so she trained harder and recovered faster.

Finally, she did a specific “Cleanse” based on her BioPrint which accelerated results, combined with infrared saunas. This also gave her more energy!

What we are really happy about is that she is still in great shape because she learned, through BioPrint, what works for her.


25% BF                       15% BF                             10%BF

Declan Deasey

Busy, highly stressed, business owner who is 40 years young.

RESULTS: 16 weeks – 25% body fat to 10%

This guy makes no excuses, just finds a way to achieve his goal. What makes his transformation more remarkable is that he can’t train his legs properly after acquiring injuries in a parachute incident. What’s your excuse?

Every excuse you come up with someone else has over come it.  Declan was committed and relentless in achieving his transformation.


Kate Martin

Personal Trainer and Business Coach at

RESULT: 12 weeks – 34.6% down to 20.1%

You need to take much more into consideration to get women lean. Its not just a case of eating less and exercising more!

Signature Strength and Health help optimize your metabolism first with tools such as blood work, BioPrint/Biosignature Method, intensive consultation regarding current health status and individualizing your nutrition. Most of our clients actually eat more while getting leaner.

Kate is a busy personal trainer, business mentor and mother.  Credit goes to Kate as she made her daughter a reason, not an excuse, to get back into shape.  She went from 34.6% to 20.1% in 12 weeks. She’s in even better shape now and has continued the lifestyle for the long term.
She has a great Facebook group called “Personal Training Mentor” which has great tips on living a healthy, fit lifestyle.  She has since become a Poliquin Certified BioSignature Practitioner herself.  Visit her website at


Sergey Zhevelyuk

Goal: To get in shape for fitness modelling

RESULT: 16 weeks – 19.6% to 7.6%

Sergey had already been training with another trainer before he came to Signature Strength and Health, but he hadn’t achieved his goal.  But after 16 weeks with Head Coach Tony Calabro I think Sergey nailed his goal, don’t you?  Sergey worked hard and was consistent.

Sergey had to bring out his inner warrior to achieve these fantastic results.  Signature Strength and Health in Melbourne’s CBD assisted him to tap in and smash it out of the park.