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Founded in 2008 by Head Coach Tony Calabro, Signature Strength and Health is a premier Personal Training Company located in the Melbourne CBD that is relentlessly focused on one primary goal:


Tony Calabro, Head Coach, knows there is nothing more frustrating than hitting a plateau in your body composition goals and not knowing why. That is why it’s not enough just to be a good trainer. It’s obviously NOT just a simple case of calories in calories out and hitting the gym a few times a week, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

In today’s world there are several reasons for being over or under weight or weak and in pain from injury. These include stress, poor food choices, nutritional deficiencies, lack of quality sleep, accumulation of environmental toxins and a damaged gut and microbiome.

Today’s personal trainers need to be smart, educated, adaptive and ready to produce results for you in an ever changing environment. They need to “walk the talk” (hey, if you can’t look after yourself, how can you expect a client to do it?). Our trainers are well versed in training methods to increase muscle mass, lose body fat and achieve optimal health to boot. They are trained by the industry’s best, not only in training methods, but in basic principles of functional medicine and nutrition.

The secret of our extraordinary results is through the implementation of methods that have proven results! It’s simple really.

we just ask ourselves who has achieved the best results
and we learn from them.

To this end we credit that our education has come from Charles Poliquin (World Renowned Strength Coach), Dr John Berardi, Dr Jonny Bowden, Dr Mark Houston, Daine McDonald, Dimitry Klokov, Luke Leaman, Dr Ben Lynch, naturopaths and other functional medicine doctors at the head of their field, just to name a few. We are nerds! We continuously learn more, but qualify who we learn from, by evaluating the results they have achieved.

What we have discovered is there is no one size fits all training program, nutritional protocol or magic pill that will solve all your health and fitness woes. You need an individualised approach, tailored to YOU, with measurable, objective goals that are assessed frequently.

“That which can be measured can be improved upon”

is one of our favourite mottos. Which is why we will track and measure your lifts, skin folds, blood markers and key health parameters regularly as part of your training package.

Our philosophy of continuous and never ending improvement in the field of functional medicine (BioPrint), exercise science, nutrition and supplementation enables us to help you achieve your fitness goals via a multi-faceted approach. All this knowledge is to prevent you from hitting plateaus in your training and health while getting you faster, long lasting results.

At Signature Strength and Health it is our primary mission to get you the results you want while achieving optimal health.

It is a sad fact that there are more personal trainers being churned out every day that its makes it harder to distinguish who will give you the results you are looking for. There are a lot of cowboys out there that promise the world by telling you that their moderate exercise regime will deliver outstanding results. It’s an easy sell. Everyone loves the idea of putting in a little effort while getting great results. That’s why Tattslotto or “Get Rich Quick” schemes exist. But the reality is that any self-made successful person will tell you, in any endeavour, that you only get out what you put in. So although balancing on a swissball or bosuball may be difficult, it’s not what you call hard exercise thus your body will not change in terms of fat lost and or muscle gained. A lot of trainers will sell you that idea, which is simply not true!
At Signature Strength & Health we believe to achieve the extraordinary in terms of body composition and health you need to look outside the conventional way of thinking and research and learn from those who produce results. And we don’t shy away from the fact that it is going to take some effort on your behalf. But results are motivating so the hard work will be worth the effort as the testimonials show.

It’s a sad fact that when I first entered the industry I noticed trainers who talked more to their clients than trained them, who talked to them while they spent 20 minutes of their hour session warming up on the treadmill, who never recorded anything, sets reps weights rest intervals, skinfolds, planned workouts or move from one spot in the gym. Another trick they did was teaching things you could not do on your own so you were reliant on them. 12 months later…no change! If you want to be entertained we are not the trainers for you. Our sole aim is to produce results which we measure and quantify.
It’s really about a lifestyle approach to health, function and longevity. We want to teach people to look beyond what the media and western medicine shove down our throats. That the western medicine has contributed to the epidemic obesity crisis facing us and our children today and into the future. It’s about effort, not gimmicks or short cuts. That rewards are greater than the perceived effort required if you just give it a chance to develop in your life.

We teach clients that there are no short cuts. If you want to succeed in any endeavour there are time honoured principles which you learn from those who have already gotten results (not from someone who is a great internet guru but can’t do a chin up!). Things such as liposuction, cosmetic surgery, the latest exercise fad, diet fad, new ab-fab machine, fraudulent strength practices are not a consideration to us because we see through them.

We are here to educate clients in the following areas

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Lifestyle factors
  • What to Eat and When
  • Shopping
  • Functional Medicine testing
  • Joint rehabilitation

To sum up everything we do it’s PASSION.

Our coaches want to improve as much as you do or more.

Are you ready to make a change? We are a serious personal training company focused to help you achieve not just a great body, but a healthy sustainable lifestyle as well!


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