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Proven Results with Melbourne’s Best Personal Training

We won’t beat around the bush by promising an easy weight loss or muscle building miracle. Real results only come from real work, and here at Signature Strength and Health, we are committed to pushing our clients to becoming the best they can be. In today’s day and age, there’s some new fab diet or miraculous ab machine rolling out that promise amazing results in just a matter of weeks. Don’t get suckered into another trend based exercise devise or regime. Align yourself with personal fitness trainers who understand your needs and who will work towards your health and fitness objectives with a singular focus. Align yourself with Signature Strength and Health.

Our personal trainers are paired with you based on their compatibility



We offer various levels of coaching depending on your goals and the specific areas you wanted to focus on. We have the flexibility to offer one on one personal training, semi-private and group training, as well as specialist programs for bodybuilders, professional athletes, and even bridal weight loss programs. To identify which trainer will be most suitable to your unique needs, we conduct a thorough personal assessment at the beginning of your time with us to establish your current fitness level, areas of improvement and what you hope to gain from our personal fitness training.

See why Melbourne residents choose our personal fitness trainers in the CBD

Understanding that everyone’s health and fitness needs are unique is the first step in developing a structured and specifically targeted training program that works. No one method fits all, as everyone’s body responds differently to specific dietary regimes, supplements and exercise programs. With years of experience working with men and women with vastly different goals, we have devised a series of programs which cater to a myriad of body types, muscle building, weight loss and physical performance based objectives. If you’re unsure as to what type of program will work best for you, speak with one of our friendly trainers and allow them to explain things in plain English to you.

We offer BioSignature Training Programs to target those stubborn love handles

Our Director, Coach Calabro, has spent many hours learning from world-renowned strength coach and founder of the immensely successful BioSignature Poliquin Program, Charles Poliquin. Through his expertise, we are able to offer specialised programs which are designed to target troublesome areas of fat and tone these specific areas.

Book your consultation today to begin your fitness journey

Available for those in the Melbourne CBD and beyond, our personal fitness trainers are ready to begin structuring a health and wellness program especially for you. If you had any questions regarding the types of coaching and classes we can offer, or for an obligation free quote, please feel free to contact us on our online form. We’ll endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Real Results of Personal Fitness Training Melbourne with Us!


Katies 10 Week Transformation (2 photos)

Week One
at 19.5% body fat. Fearful that personal training in the Melbourne CBD using weights will make her like ‘Arnold’

10 weeks later training with her personal fitness trainer 4 times per week 45mins per session with 1-2 15minute HIIT sessions per week 13.3%
Well done Katie!

Our Reputation Is Based On Results Not Promises


Kate Martin – BioSignature + Program Design Package


Testimonial: Kate Martin

Mother of one & Personal Trainer at Nunawading ‘South Pacific’ Gym. Credit goes to Kate as she made her daughter a reason not an excuse to get back into shape she went from 34% to 19% in 12 weeks. She’s in better shape now as has continued the lifestyle instead of the dieting mantra the media promotes.

She has a great Facebook group called “Personal Training Mentor” which has great tips on Paleo lifestyle and has since become a BioSignature practitioner herself.

Find out how you can get similar results with the help of one of our personal trainers in Melbourne. Visit our ‘About’ page and our ‘Service’ page via the tabs above, and call 0466 518 757 to book your initial session.



COACH Qualifications :

PICP Level 1 Poliquin Performance Specialist Coach (2016)

ASCA Level 1 Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Coach ( 2016)

Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness (2016)

“Puting Theory into Practice”
Personal Bests:
High Bar Full Back Squat: 140kgs
Deadlift: 220kgs
Bench Press: 130kgs
Off-Season Body-fat: 8-9%

Cameron Macdonald’s 10 week Transformation


Cameron Macdonald’s 10 week Transformation: Cameron trained 45 minutes 4 days per week with some addition 15-20 HIIT sessions combined with BioSignature. He only took HCL, Zinc, Magnesium, Estrogenomics, fish oil and good ole G+D.

Cameron Macdonald

Whats possible in 10 weeks of focused effort.
Credit must go to Cameron MacDonald who trained 4 days per week at 6.00am to achieve these results. Week Ten: 15th Dec 2012.

For 12 or 24 week packages contact us. We have a special for all upfront personal training investments get 2 weeks free.

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